Audrey Hepburn: Still our ultimate style icon



Audrey Hepburn is one of the world’s most admired fashion icons. The British actress was born Audrey Kathleen Ruston and was an active performer during Hollywood’s “Golden Age.”



May 4th would have been Audrey’s 87th birthday, had cancer not taken her life in 1993. Born in Belgium to a Dutch Baroness mother and British father, Audrey started taking ballet lessons at the young age of five. Throughout her youth, she traveled with her mother continuing to train and becoming quite experienced by 1944. A trying time in Europe, she secretly danced in front of audiences to raise money for the Dutch resistance.

While studying ballet with Marie Rambert in London, Audrey discovered that her future in ballet was limited due to her height and petite figure caused by the war. It was at that point she decided to pursue acting. She started performing on stage, and would act in a few minor roles before her big break came in “The Secret People.”

Her fame only grew with films like “Roman Holiday” and “Sabrina,” and finally in what are known as her defining roles: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “My Fair Lady.”

Hepburn is known for her classic, chic style, and women have modeled full wardrobes after her for decades. She earned a place in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1961, and her refined, delicate features have won her a spot on many lists of the most beautiful women of the 20th century. Her iconic cropped pant and ballet slippers have become one of the most notable trends in fashion. Audrey was also known for her gorgeous hairstyles, and was the first to perfect the bun as well as make bangs a chic trend.


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