This Korean beauty blogger transformed herself into Taylor Swift and it’s INCREDIBLE (+ Video)

Korean beauty blogger Park Hye Min transformed herself into Taylor Swift and it's INCREDIBLE

We’d all quite like to look like Taylor Swift, right? Well praise the Lord and thank the heavens above, because now you can.

Korean beauty blogger Park Hye Min, who’s also known as PONY Makeup, showed us all how it’s possible to transform yourself into the Bad Blood singer, using JUST makeup.

And it’s amazing. But FYI, it requires a lot of makeup. And probably time. And skills. Park used 24 products in total to shape her face like Taylor’s, so it’s no mean feat. But hey, it’s POSSIBLE. Because the end result is brilliant.

So brilliant, in fact, she’s got 93,000 likes on her Instagram picture of the finished result, and her tutorial video has been watched almost a million times. Not bad, but then we do all love Taylor, and certainly wouldn’t turn down looking like her.

So watch Park’s video below and watch the transformation unfold before your very eyes…


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